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Helion IP Core Products

Helion offer a broad range of security and compression solutions for use in in ASIC or FPGA, covering the smallest, fastest, lowest-power and most flexible solutions in the business. Available for use in any target technology, yet individually optimised to offer class leading results, Helion's product proven cores offer elegant and well supported solutions for any requirement.


Encryption &

& Hashing


AES Key Wrap
and Unwrap

Public Key

Random Number

Data Compression
Celebrating 10 years of Helion IP
What target technologies do Helion support?

Helion offer full support for all ASIC and FPGA technologies. Click here for full details.....
Why use IP from Helion....?
What people are saying about Helion....

"Helionís products and services have consistently fit a variety of our needs. They are superbly easy to work with, answering questions in clear straightforward terms. The organization of their deliverables - particularly the concise and sensible documentation - provide for fast successful integration of their IP. I deal with many vendors, Helion is currently my favorite by every conceivable metric"

Jeff Harms
IP Procurement Lead
Microchip Technology

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