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Encryption cores

Helion IP Core Products - Encryption cores

These are the encryption algorithms commonly used to protect bulk data, and form the heart of such protocols as IPsec and SSL, offering high data throughput capabilities in a small footprint. They use matching "secret" keys at each end of the link, and can provide a high degree of confidentiality when correctly deployed. These versatile building blocks developed by Helion represent some of the fastest and most efficient solutions available in the industry. Please follow the links below for further information.....

The well known industry standard data encryption technology, as specified in many modern security standards. Offered in a range of performance levels and available as fully optimised ASIC and FPGA versions, these are the smallest and fastest hardware AES solutions available anywhere.

Proven data encryption technology brought right up to date in performance terms, and available in ASIC and FPGA optimised versions, Triple-DES in particular is a very widely used encryption algorithm in many secure data applications.

ARC4 core Fully compatible with the RC4 algorithm from RSA Labs, this high performance stream cipher solution is ideal for use in SSL or legacy 802.11 WLAN applications, or where specified for use in other security protocols

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