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Data Compression

Helion IP Core Products - Data Compression

Data compression allows more data to be stored or transmitted when capacity limits are reached. Development of compression algorithms was originally driven by applications such as low speed radio or dial-up links, and then also become popular for storage. These applications are still relevant, but with the explosion in traffic generated in our interconnected world by the advent of smartphones, many networking and backhaul infrastructures are overstretched and it is again becoming a necessary technique.

Helion can offer both high and low level compression solutions using a family of lossless algorithms called LZRW. Please follow the links below for further information.....

A payload compression solution for wired and wireless networks, especially cellular microwave backhaul, with easy in-line operation and throughput scalability for 500Mbps-5Gbps.

LZRW cores A family of general purpose lossless compression engines offering good compression at high throughputs and sensible resources.

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