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helion ip cores

Why use IP from Helion?

Why consider re-usable IP cores for data security requirements?

If you require hardware encryption capabilities in your latest project, consider the benefits of buying in a pre-tested IP core to handle your needs. You will find that it comes at a lower cost than the alternative of designing it in-house; it will be much quicker to realise a working solution, reducing time to market and the risk of missing your project timescales; a carefully designed core is also likely to be a smaller or faster solution than could be put together under typical project pressures; and it would allow you to concentrate your resources in the areas in which they have greatest value; on your own core competencies.

So why choose data security cores from Helion?

Helion launched the world's first AES IP core back in the middle of 2001, at which point there were no other vendors offering this kind of leading edge encryption IP.

Since that time, other vendors have appeared, and disappeared; very few of the companies licensing AES and other security IP today were even in existence when Helion launched its AES cores, yet we are still here with an ever increasing portfolio of class leading security technology, and an ever growing customer base.

Helion are self-sustaining and profitable; we don't rely on funding from outside to subsidise our operations. So, if you do choose to license our IP, you can be sure that we will be still here for support, advice, guidance and your next security IP core!

  • Helion offer the smallest, fastest, lowest-power and most flexible solutions to hardware data security in the business
  • We have one of the broadest ranges of algorithms for encryption, decryption and authentication available today
  • All of our cores have been proven in FPGA, and most in production ASIC silicon - lower your risk
  • All our main security IP cores have been FIPS approved - security guaranteed
  • We don't just license IP - we also use our own cores for product development - we make sure they are easy to use, effective and efficient
  • Personal support always comes directly from the engineers who designed the cores
  • Realistic pricing and flexible multi-use licensing - economic and straightforward
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