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About Helion

Founded in 1992, Helion is a long established British company based in Cambridge, England. We offer a range of product-proven Data Security and Lossless Compression IP cores, backed by a team of highly experienced engineers, proudly developing and supporting a world-class portfolio.

Our aim is to offer our customers...

True Innovation
Helion works hard to anticipate, understand and then deliver great solutions for its customers. As an example, Helion offered the world’s first commercial AES core back in 2001, even before the industry had fully adopted the algorithm. This process continues unabated today, with new products in development that will lead the field.

High Performance
Helion IP is specially designed and optimised for each target technology. This means lots of work for us, but this approach yields amazing results for our customers. We always aim for the best in class performance and lowest utilisation in any given ASIC or FPGA target.

High Quality
IP should be problem free, so we always go the extra mile to ensure a smooth and trouble free integration phase for our products. We realise that our customers are putting their faith in us, and want to repay that with an outstandingly easy deployment.

Ease of Use
Helion engineers have many years of real product development experience, and so our IP is designed to be used in realistic situations. It is flexible and well thought through, with the result being that it is simple to drop into your system.

Claims like this are easy to say, but see how we fare by visiting our Clients page.

Helion are proud to have...

Many World Firsts An amazing customer base
  • A broad range of Commercial, Military, Government customers worldwide
  • >500 licenses signed to date with >300 customers
  • Includes Nine of the Top Ten Defence Contractors worldwide (by revenue)
  • Much repeat business - please visit the Clients page on our website to see why our customers keep coming back
Most FIPS certificated products
  • As far as we can tell, more than any other single AES FPGA IP provider
Partnership Status with the major FPGA vendors
Celebrating 10 years of Helion IP

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