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DES & 3DES cores


The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is a 64-bit block cipher which uses a 56-bit key to encrypt or decrypt each block of data. Given the short key length, DES has been proven to be susceptible to brute force attacks and so is no longer considered secure for general use.

Triple-DES (3DES) strengthens the security by combining three DES operations; an encrypt, a decrypt, and a final encrypt; each using a 56-bit key. This increases the effective key length, improving security. However, latterly 3DES has been superseded by the faster Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, although it still finds use in security protocols such as IPsec and SSL/TLS for legacy purposes.

Helion DES & 3DES Solutions

Helion offer a range of solutions to implement the DES and 3DES algorithms, as specified in NIST FIPS Publication 46-3, for use in either ASIC or Altera, Lattice, Microsemi (Actel) or Xilinx FPGA. There are three versions to choose from; STANDARD, FAST and GIGA, each providing a different area and performance trade-off to best match your application.

The Helion DES/3DES cores have been designed to be extremely easy to integrate into any target system and support both encryption and decryption, optionally with either two or three key 3DES. They also offer full support for any of the common block cipher modes e.g. ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, and CTR.

Measured Area and Performance
Figures for Triple-DES ECB EncryptionDecryption for the Standard and Fast cores.

Altera Cyclone IV (C6) 638 LEs 309 Mbps 975 LEs 422 Mbps
Altera Cyclone V (C6) 194 ALMs 391 Mbps 323 ALMs 599 Mbps
Altera Cyclone 10 GX (E5) 194 ALMs 687 Mbps 339 ALMs 1137 Mbps
Altera Arria II GX (C4) 233 ALMs 522 Mbps 371 ALMs 724 Mbps
Altera Arria V GX (C4) 193 ALMs 404 Mbps 335 ALMs 666 Mbps
Altera Arria 10 (E1S) 201 ALMs 768 Mbps 328 ALMs 1254 Mbps
Altera Stratix IV (C2) 217 ALMs 640 Mbps 365 ALMs 929 Mbps
Altera Stratix V (C1) 199 ALMs 784 Mbps 338 ALMs 1229 Mbps
Microsemi ProASIC3 (-2) 1118 tiles 118 Mbps 2100 tiles 151 Mbps
Microsemi AX/RTAX (-2) - - 725 cells 286 Mbps
Xilinx Spartan-3A (-5) 279 slices 218 Mbps 461 slices 294 Mbps
Xilinx Virtex-5 (-3) 70 slices 536 Mbps 111 slices 798 Mbps
Xilinx Spartan-6 (-3) 71 slices 368 Mbps 109 slices 550 Mbps
Xilinx Virtex-6 (-3) 71 slices 624 Mbps 108 slices 898 Mbps
Xilinx Artix-7 (-3) 71 slices 488 Mbps 111 slices 721 Mbps
Xilinx Kintex-7 (-3) 71 slices 519 Mbps 110 slices 1057 Mbps
Xilinx Virtex-7 (-3) 71 slices 519 Mbps 110 slices 1057 Mbps
Xilinx UltraSCALE (-2) 61 CLBs 816 Mbps 99 CLBs 1280 Mbps
Xilinx UltraSCALE+ (-2) 64 CLBs 933 Mbps 100 CLBs 1421 Mbps
Product Briefs

For full details of all the Helion DES cores, please download the appropriate Product Brief in PDF format below.

DES Cores - ASIC
DES Cores - FPGA


For more detailed information on this or any of our other products and services, please feel free to email us at helioncores@heliontech.com and we will be pleased to discuss how we can assist with your individual requirements.

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DES Cores - ASIC
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