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dvb scrambling fpga asic core

Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) solutions


The Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Project is an industry-led consortium of broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, and regulatory bodies who are responsible for designing and maintaining open interoperable global standards for the delivery of digital media services.

Several of the DVB standards require cryptographic algorithms to provide secure transactions in order to protect valuable digital media content during transmission. In many cases the throughput of these algorithms means that a software-only solution is not always viable, and hardware acceleration is required. Helion has a number of highly efficient IP cores which may be used to perform cryptographic acceleration for DVB applications.


The DVB Conditional Access (DVB-CA) standard provides mechanisms for securing MPEG-2 video streams to ensure that only valid subscribers are able to access protected content. It employs the ETSI Common Scrambling Algorithm (DVB-CSA) to provide scrambling and descambling of protected MPEG-2 TS packets.

Common Scrambling Algorithm DVB-CSA

As its name implies, the DVB Content Protection and Copy Management (DVB-CPCM) standard defines a system for the protection and management of digital media content for use within the consumer environment. The ten part CPCM specification was approved by the DVB Steering Board in early 2008, and published by ETSI as TS 102 825.

Helion can provide IP cores to perform all of the cryptographic algorithms required to implement a compliant DVB-CPCM solution.

Content Protection LSA
SAC Protection AES-128-CBC
Revocation List Signature and Certificate Verification RSA
Authenticated Key Exchange Diffie-Hellman
Hash Function SHA-1
Message Authentication Code HMAC-SHA-1

The original DVB-CI specification (EN 50221 and TS 101 699) did not provide protection for descrambled content crossing the Common Interface - between the Conditional Access Module (CAM) and Host resident in a Digital TV Set-Top Box (STB) - which presented a significant security weakness. The CI+ specification has been developed to introduce data security for content crossing the Common Interface to provide complete end-to-end protection.

Helion can provide IP cores to perform all of the cryptographic algorithms required to implement a compliant CI+ solution.

SD TS Output Protection Single DES
HD TS Output Protection AES-128-CBC
Key Negotiation Diffie-Hellman
SAC Message Encryption AES-128-CBC
SAC Message Authentication AES-128-XCBC-MAC

The DVB standard for IP DataCast (DVB-IPDC) defines a set of systems layer specifications which were originally intended for use with the DVB-H physical layer to implement mobile digital TV systems, but which may also be utilised as a higher layer for other IP capable systems.

Helion can provide IP cores to perform the key cryptographic algorithms required to implement a DVB-IPDC solution as shown in the table below.

IP Encryption & Authentication IPsec ESP
(AES-128-CBC +
SRTP/ISMA Encryption AES-128-CTR
SRTP/ISMA Authentication HMAC-SHA-1-80

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