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Being a long established provider of data security solutions, Helion's client list is extensive, varied and geographically diverse. Our customers range from the smallest and newest startups, right up to some of the largest and most impressive organisations in the world.

As an example, of the 350+ licenses we have signed for our IP, we are very proud that more than 30 of these have been with Fortune 500 companies, six of these being companies with annual revenues exceeding 10 billion US dollars, and many of these representing repeat business with Helion. In addition, nine out of the top ten Defence Contractors (worldwide, by revenue) are Helion customers.

At the same time, we also enjoy working with smaller companies, and offer exactly the same levels of support and friendly approach to everyone! Many of our customers are employing encryption techniques for the first time, and we are always pleased to work closely in whatever capacity, offering expert advice and guidance as and when required.

Helion customers

As you can imagine, many of Helion's customers are working on very sensitive applications which we are unable to publicise. Where possible and with permission however we do like to show a small selection of the types of companies we proudly work with.

General Dynamics C4 Systems, USA - Helion AES-XTS core
L-3 Communications, USA - Helion AES cores
General Atomics, USA - Helion AES cores
Sandia National Labs, USA - Helion Data Compression cores
DVS AG Digital Video Systems, Germany - Helion AES and ModExp cores

Some comments from our customers.......

"Helion's AES-GCM core accelerated our plans to integrate very efficient, yet high-performance crypto hardware into our next-gen, low-power wireless SoC. The coreís modular interface made integration hassle free, allowing us to easily wrap our value-added IP around it. Helion only made one delivery of the IP as no patches or updates were required. The feature worked flawlessly in first silicon."

Sebastian Ahmed
VP of Engineering
Nitero, Inc.

"L-3 Telemetry West has successfully implemented Helion cores and are very satisfied with the product. Documentation, both in the Users Guide and the source code is sufficient to allow painless integration. The core interfaces are simple providing for straight forward integration. Performance and sizing is as advertised with no surprises. Test benches are very useful for pre-integration checkout and the customer support exceeds our expectation."

Stan Watkins
Engineering Director of IA Products
L-3 Communications, Telemetry West

"Helionís products and services have consistently fit a variety of our needs. They are superbly easy to work with, answering questions in clear straightforward terms. The organization of their deliverables - particularly the concise and sensible documentation - provide for fast successful integration of their IP. I deal with many vendors, Helion is currently my favorite by every conceivable metric."

Jeff Harms
IP Procurement Lead
Microchip Technology

"The Helion DVB-CSA core is an excellent product. It worked "out of the box" to meet our needs and allowed us to complete our project very quickly. Helion has proved that they are experts in security IP cores. They will be our first call for any future security needs."

Brian Matherly
Systems Engineering Manager
Sencore, Inc.

"The AES-GCM core functioned as expected, met our needs for performance and area, and we received quick technical support when we needed code to be modified to eliminate lint issues when using our ASIC synthesis tools."

Ali Khorsandian
Strategic Sourcing Manager
ViaSat, Inc.

"We selected the Helion's AES Standard core in order to develop a multi-channel 256-bit AES Counter-mode core with AXI interface. It was very easy to integrate Helion's core into our Spartan-6 FPGA core. Both the documentation and the core's interface is very concise and straightforward."

Raul Pinto
Hardware Engineer
EID, Portugal

"I would say that the support from Helion has been outstanding from my initial contact all the way through implementation. I was very impressed when I asked questions on weekends and received answers the same day. The core was actually so easy to use I completed my implementation almost a month early. The product performed exactly as advertised and the price made it a very affordable option to add to our system."

Jim Cassey
Sr. Hardware Engineer
Delta Digital Video

"We used Helion's cores to develop a prototype in an extremely small timeframe. We were amazed by the quality of the product and by the level of commitment Helion Tech showed to customize it to our needs. We were just as impressed by the quality of their support as by their extreme reactivity! Helion's people are definitely highly skilled professionals and we will surely think about their IP cores for our future works."

Philippe Blandin
Team Leader
Nagravision SA

"We selected the Helion Tiny AES Core because we wanted a common, modular, communications architecture that could translate gracefully from the smallest, single-channel, micro-footprint radio up to our larger multi-channel SATCOM terminals. We received a very well thought-out core that was easy to integrate into our designs. Due to the straight-forward and solid interface presented by the core, we expended virtually no debug effort during our integrations."

Rick Roane
Lead Systems Security Engineer
L-3 Communications, Linkabit Division

"We use Helion AES and RSA cores for our products ("Clipster" workstation for HDTV and Film signals and DCI compliant devices) because they are easy to use and highly efficient (implementation resources and speed). The documentation and the support are excellent, reliable and professional."

Michael Lange
Hardware Engineer
DVS AG Digital Video Systems

"We chose Helion's Standard AES Core because it exactly fits our needs. Helion's services have proven exemplary and their support is extremely professional. MXI is pleased to have Helion as a partner."

Victor Moskalik
HW Product Manager
MXI Security

"The AES core supplied by Helion Technology was of the highest quality. The "out of the box" experience was great. We integrated it successfully both into our Virtex FPGA and ASIC without any problems or issues."

Satish Ananthakrishnan
Senior Engineer
General Atomics

"Helion is definitely top notch when it comes to support and we appreciate it immensely. (They) are at the top of our list when we look at IP vendors."

Peter LaDow
Lead Engineer
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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