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aes-ccm ghn g.9960 powerline core

G.9961 AES-CCM cores


G.hn is a family of specifications for high-speed home networking over existing wires. ITU-T recommendation G.9960 was approved in October 2009 and specifies the Physical Layer (PHY), allowing for links over mains power, coaxial, or phone cable at up to 1Gbps each. The Data Link Layer (DLL) is specified by ITU-T G.9961, first approved in June 2010 and undergoing further revisions due to be ratified by ITU SG4/15 in late 2011.

Although the data is transmitted over wires, from a security perspective these networks have more in common with 802.11 than Ethernet as the transmission media may be shared between multiple networks (e.g. in neighbouring apartments). For this reason G.9961 allows for frames to be secured using AES-CCM with a specific nonce and header format.

AES-CCM provides confidentiality and authentication by encrypting (or decrypting) with AES counter mode, and using CBC-MAC mode to calculate an integrity check for the frame. More detailed information can be found on the AES-CCM page.

Helion G.9961 Solutions

Helion offer two AES-CCM G.9961 frame encryption solutions which allow the user to save on area if short-packet frame-rate is not a priority. These high performance cores are currently available for use in ASIC only; solutions targeting specific FPGA technologies can be developed on request.

To find out how these G.9961 solutions can be used in your particular application, please see the datasheet below, or contact Helion so that we can discuss the options in more detail.

Measured Area and Performance

Overlapped version - for maximum frame rate

ASIC (0.13um CMOS) >3.5 Gbps, 4.4 Mfps <82k gates

Non-Overlapped version - for lower area

ASIC (0.13um CMOS) >3.5 Gbps, 3.2 Mfps <72k gates

For full details of the Helion G.9961 AES-CCM core, please download the datasheet appropriate to your target technology.

Click here for the ASIC core data sheet (PDF format)

Please contact Helion for availability in FPGA targets.


For more detailed information on this or any of our other products and services, please feel free to email us at helioncores@heliontech.com and we will be pleased to discuss how we can assist with your individual requirements.

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